NitroWheels: new game for the unexpanded Vic-20

Hi, welcome back dear 8-bit friends!

Today we release a new game for the unexpanded Vic-20 (PAL), written 100% in “machine code”: NitroWheels!

It’s a racing game where you drive one of those race cars sketched by you when you were a kid on your exercise book.

You can use the joystick or, in case you don’t have one with you, also the keyboard.

“Can you race at nitrospeed?”

Enjoy! (download below) UPDATE Sep 23: smoother gameplay+ difficulty levels!


Gameplay video:


Update (Sep 23): smoother gameplay + difficulty levels!

NitroWheels zip archive (all formats)

NitroWheels .tap format

NitroWheels .d64 format

NitroWheels .prg format


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